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Catholic Professionals is a National Non-Profit Organisation working for Social justice, Equality and Unity of all Christian Minorites in India.

Core Objective Made Simple:

Good Education + Stable Work = Sustainable Income
Sustainable Income = Socio and Economic recognition + Motivation to move higher

Core Objective is to enhance and enable underprivileged Christian Youth with quality education, proper skill set and finally a stable earning job. Steady income in the family for at least one family member will ensure the cycle is repeated and to make them progress in the society.

These programs not only aim at disadvantaged people to become empowered but also brings in Economic empowerment & Social empowerment.

This is a right solution at the right place as the competitive job market has much unemployment vs Resource shortage faced by the Industry.

The numerous programs specifically developed for them will help:

1.    To reduce unemployment
2.    Improve Job Opportunities 
3.    Enhances standard of living
4.    Eradicate poverty and reduce inequality
5.    Continue the trend
6.    Make them included in the society and
7.    Mould them to be the leaders of tomorrow

Bringing youth empowerment through programs like:

1.    Skill development 
2.    Job Training
3.    Job Placement and
4.    Networking Events

Providing appropriate resources will enable them to grow holistically and contributes a better and more sustainable future. Regular Income coming from a proper job encourages them to live a quality life.


Conducting empowerment programs in association with non-profit organizations, government organizations, schools or private organizations will bring in more stability to the whole program.

So Let’s join our hands, Together we can help our communities prosper.

"We all have the duty to do good"

-Pope Francis

Our Mission

Working for Social justice, Equality and Unity of all christian Minorites in India. Our mission is to help them grow spiritually and professionally and to be a role model to the society.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To Build Sustainable Christian Communities in India which are Beautiful and Bountiful

We Need Your Support Today!

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